Drew Hadwal

Drew Hadwal

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"Warm, Smooth, Baritone, Conversational, The Real Guy"

I offer more than 25 years of voice over and performance skills. I have a rich, baritone resonance to my voice that is ideal for the softer sell...or even that hard sell if necessary. I specialize in e-Learning training modules for large industries and smaller companies and audio book narration. In fact, an audio book author of mine recently commented after completing his first book, "...I was so worried about the voice. But within minutes I found myself more interested in the content you were telling me. It was like you were talking to me--not reading words. You were so conversational!"

I work from a state-of-the art, professional studio located just outside of Dallas, Texas. My equipment is high end including an Audio Technica 4060 tube condenser microphone, a Phonic tube voice processor and a Mackie 12 channel mixer. My recording software is Adobe Audition 1.5.

I also offer my own FTP server for downloading larger files.


My background is in broadcast journalism. I've spent many years both in front of the camera and behind the microphone. In my later years, I managed news operations which included coaching talent, both in on-camera and microphone technique and copy interpretation.

I have also taken many acting courses and have performed in numerous stage productions. I consider myself a Voice Actor, not an announcer. There's a huge difference


I continue to do on-going work for such companies as Microsoft, Pfizer, General Electric, Carnival Cruises, the United Nations, SilverDock Advertising in San Fransico, PBS, and AT&T to name a few.

In addition, I work with several e-Learning developers based in Asia and Europe.

I've also done hundreds of local, regional and national commercials.


Given my background in journalism and promotions, I can also assist with copy as well. I can edit, or write your copy from scratch. In addition, I offer a full service production suite complete with music, sound effects, and imaging effects for broadcasters.