Dorie Howard

Dorie Howard

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"A light, youthful sound with emotional range."

Dorie has an adult female American accented voice with a light, youthful sound. She brings a wide range of emotions to the vocal booth, and rather than just reading the words off the page, she breathes life into their underlying thoughts.

She can handle the clear enunciation of corporate copy, or the more casual, conversational tones of many types of commercial copy.


Dorie has trained privately with Marc Cashman, a voiceover industry pro. Marc has worked with her on a variety of commercial copy, training her to understand the required timing, flow, and emotional cadence of voice acting work in the industry. He has been an invaluable resource.

Dorie also holds two degrees, one in Music Composition and the other in Sound Recording Technologies. As a sound engineer, she is perfectly equipped to produce pristine audio right in her home studio.


In addition to voiceover training, Dorie has years of experience in music, performing as a flutist and singer, and has written and performed commercial jingles. Her training as a singer began at the tender age of seven, when she successfully auditioned for a nationally touring choir. Her experience grew from there, ranging from solo performances, chamber music ensemble performances, and, as a teenager, operatic training. This experience also informs her sense of nuance and timing as a voiceover artist, which is particularly helpful with commercial copy.

She also gained invaluable experience in mixing post-production audio during her time as an intern with Digital Domain, a local audio post-production facility and ADR studio in Austin, Texas which works primarily with ad agencies, including GSD&M.


Also a professional musician and singer, Dorie has experience both writing and performing jingles and songs. Her singing voice is in the mezzo-soprano range, and has a light, sweet, youthful sound. With her at-home studio setup, she can handle the post-audio production of both voiceover and jingles. For examples of her work, you can go to her youtube channel, “VardaMusic”, for a variety of music, including commercial jingles, original songs, and music composed for short film. For a music reel, you can go to

Dorie also has an excellent whistle, able to handle the quick vibrato of Harpo Marx’s signature performances, the clean pure tone in the song “Winds of Change,” and anything in between. Like her voice, her whistle is light and sweet.

For details regarding her studio setup, you can visit