D.l. Stanzki

D.l. Stanzki

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"Professional Voice Talent/Narrator of 3 US Television Shows"

Communication has but one purpose at its core: MOTIVATE.

Be it to motivate thought, emotion, or action, no one understands the goal better than D.L.. A voice talent's job is to bring about that singular result through communication that resonates with the target audience. D.L. reaches customers, clients, employees, and mass media audiences with that primary objective always in mind.


D.L. has been a professional voice talent in radio, television, digital, and live venues since 1989.


D.L. was the narrator for the long running series on TRU-TV called "Speeders", as well as "How'd You Get So Rich" starring Joan Rivers. He has also been the voice of Yokohama Tires, Providence Health Care, and Mercury Insurance most notably.


D.L. Stanzki has an album titled "Instrumental Movements" that he composed, produced, and arranged available on iTunes.