Diana Gardiner

Diana Gardiner

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"Ready to lend her artistry to your next voiceover project..."

Diana’s voice has tremendous versatility and range. From an adoring soccer mom, a consummate professional representing your company to a conversational friend whose advice you trust, she can perform copy in a myriad of styles. Her voice is well suited to projects that require a professional, professorial or corporate dynamic as well as those that need a natural, conversational or “believable” sound. Her vocal tones are warm and rich, generally in the mid to lower range.  

Her background includes work on the stage and Diana places a strong emphasis on acting in voiceover. It’s not just about reading words on a page, it’s the performance of the words that translates the message conceived of by the writers and makes that message accessible to the listener. And in order for the listener to believe that message and be moved by it, the performance has to be strong and genuine.

Her interpretive talents include creating vocal styles such as conversational, friendly, professional, authentic, believable, confident, informative, warm, authoritative, engaging, upbeat, articulate, inspirational ,educational, corporate, natural, etc...


Initially Diana worked in radio broadcasting. more recently she has devoted herself full-time to performing in voiceover. She has coached with industry leaders and continues to hone her craft.


Diana has extensive experience with commercials, medical videos, E-learning, tv commercials, training videos, narration, audio books and webinars. Diana also has extensive experience in radio broadcasting. Her sound as on-air talent, in several different markets including a Hawaiian music radio station on Maui, was always very conversational in tone, never “announcery.” At the small-market station on Maui, she not only became an expert at Hawaiian language pronunciation but she wrote ad copy for clients as well. This enabled her to really get a feel for exactly how advertising copy “works” and the elements to which audiences respond well.


Diana can write copy and fully produce commercial spots.