Devon Herling

Member for 7 years
"The True Millennial Voice That Needs To Be Heard!"

Devon brings more quality and depth to the "young mom", "girl next door" and "best friend telling you about her credit card company". With a unique, deep, and raspy voice, it's nothing you've heard before! She is the curious collegiate, fun California girl, and sassy little sister. She speaks to younger audiences as well as to young adults. She's the true millennial voice that is needs to be heard in today's markets! She's 100% committed to delivering your project on time and with professionalism. Easy to work with, she has a home studio as well as nearby studio locations for your project.


BA in Theater at University of Washington
Voice Acting - Veronica Weikel
Voice Acting - Scott Burns
Voice Acting - Rick May
Auditioning for the Camera - Jodi Rothfield


Recent clients include Amazon Video Services and Zulily Inc


Offers Southern Belle and British accents
Home studio with editing capabilities