Dave Crockett

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"Oh! You're THAT guy!"

The common denominator with my work is "happy clients!" I have evolved into a voice actor who understands ego has no place in what we do or how we work with clients. The goal is to make sure I present the product the way the person writing the check envisions it.

My range is wide going from "guy next store" to "In your face!" concert spots.

In addition being a voice actor and audio producer, I also work in front of the camera. I appeared on two episodes of the NBC drama "Friday Night Light" and most recently appeared on a national TV campaign for DishNet.


I have trained with Marla Kirban (NYC), Jeff Howell (LA), Marice Tobias (LA), and David Lyerly (NYC).


I am currently heard in 28 states voicing a variety of automotive commercials and ads for furniture stores. The delivery ranges from hard sell to "guy next store."


Ridiculous crowd favorite impressions that I have been told are "dead on!" for Christopher Walken, Pee Wee herman, and Bullwinkle J. Moose and others.