Dan Harder

Dan Harder

Member for 1 decade
"Approachable Authority"

Since 2007, clients have trusted me with narrations and commercials that need to cut through the clutter without being abrasive. From industrial safety and IT Security training to Health-Care-How-to and Insurance Commercials with a 3 to 1 Return on investment, clients find my messages believable yet approachable. A client recently remarked, "...your vocal range is impressive. Your lows are that theatrical, serious tone while you can go higher to go for more of a tech-smart sound."

It would be an honor to help you on your next project.


Thirty years of experience in engineering and broad life-interests mean I actually understand and communicate difficult scripts. Add to that acoustic engineering, and training in acting, and you'll not be disappointed.


Blue Cross Blue Shield, Motorola, Coca Cola, Kubota, Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy, Disney, and a host of other lesser-known clients each receive my full attention and highest quality work. You will too.


Thirty years as a broadcast engineer with interest in computers, health care, Do-it-yourself projects, and automotive mechanic work. I actually understand most of the scripts I've received since beginning voiceover in 2007. It would be an honor to work with you to make your next voiceover something special.