Curt Bonnem

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"Versatile, relaxed, warm and confident, with a bit of wry edge."

I am a professional multi-media actor (SAG/AEA) with over 30 years of training and experience. Your script is my guide, my voice is the vehicle and whatever your needs, I will get you there. Whether it's a simple, conversational read or a fantastical narrative, I will tell your story with clarity, sincerity and energy utilizing decades of development on stage, screen and in the booth. With the ability to transform, both physically and vocally, quickly and distinctly, I also offer skills in character voices and accents to bring any character to life. From deep, warm and smooth resonance to youthful exuberance, I can deliver from complex audiobooks to killer promos, conversational commercials to quirky cartoons. A resounding choice for voice.


As a long time Los Angelean, I've been lucky enough to be central to the best voiceover training grounds in the world. I've studied in most genres with numerous teachers over the past 2 decades. Aside from classes at the large casting houses and private coaches, I have done numerous workshops at the DonLafontain SAG VO Lab. Some teachers and classes include Sean Allen Pratt for audiobooks, Eliza Schneider for animation and accents, Paul Liberti for commercials, Debi Gottleib for promos, and various classes at The Voicecaster and Kalmenson & Kalmenson.


Most recently I did English dubbing for a lead character in a Brazilian Netflix series and I am voicing numerous roles in an upcoming (NDA protected) wide release videogame. Also, I am almost always recording audiobooks of various genres.


I have also been a singer and musician from the time I was little.

I have done video and audio editing, as well as sound design and audio mastering, including commercial voiceover demo production.

Aside from the audio, I am also a graphic designer who has produced branded logo work and cover art for years.