Court Loeffler

Court Loeffler

Member for 6 years •
"Voice over specializing in eLearning, training, and education"

— You know what you’re looking for.
— You know what it is when you’ve found it.
— You know how it’s going to sound.
— And you know what kind of result that’s going to get for you.

Hello. My name is Court and I’m a full-time, non-union voice actor. I’m sure you already have a specific project in mind, and I would love to help you find the right voice for it.

Conversational/ Honest
Warm/ Intimate
Reflective/ Grounded
Fun/ Excited
Storyteller/ Folksy
Geeky/ Eccentric
Campy/ Announcer
Cool/ Edgy


My education and professional background have always been about connecting through speech — including teaching public speaking courses, solving client communications, hosting public events, and being the trusted voice of the company.

I’m passionate about engaging people and sharing information, because I enjoy making knowledge readily accessible and easily understood. My voice is the one people turn to when they need to get their messages across clearly and with feeling. I’ve trained and continue to train with the best voice over programs in the world.


When you think about people you want to work with, I'm sure you want to trust they'll get the job done right. My main experience is based in eLearning, training, and educational narration. This includes training modules for large companies such as Marriott Hotels, Colgate Oral Care, and Delphix Data Platforms. I'm just able to take the most technical reads and make them approachable with a conversational feeling. I also narrated full-length historical documentaries that have circulated in various film festivals.


Working with me, my promise to you is three things:
- Prompt Deliveries
- Reliable Quality
- An Easy Process

Most projects can be delivered in less than 24-hours, often even faster. I know that voice overs are usually the last part of your production process. This is my primary profession, not a hobby or side-gig, so you can be confident knowing I’ll complete your content as soon as possible.

If all I’ve done is get you a little bit curious, then let's connect now to reveal how I can get the results you want for your projects. Of course, only you know what this can do for you.