Corey Pettit

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"Professional and Smooth with a splash of Sultry and Fun"

I have a flexible delivery ranging from intellectual, experienced professional to fun, care-free and high-energy, from young to distinguished and everything in-between. My natural speaking voice is medium to low, but I can comfortably deliver reads ranging from low to medium high. I'm most experienced in video games, ADR, and animation, but have also lent my voice to e-Learning and commercial projects as well.


Richard Horvitz, Private Coaching (2020-Present)
Chuck Huber, Private Coaching (2020-Present)
Beyond the Booth with Wendy Powell & J. Michael Tatum (March 2020)
Bridge to the Booth with Wendy Powell, Kent Williams, & J. Michael Tatum (Oct 2019)
Before the Booth with Wendy Powell, Kent Williams, & Cynthia Cranz (Sept 2019)
Voice Over with Bob Michaels (January 2019-June 2019)


I've worked with Gearbox Software on Borderlands 3, High-Rez Studios on Paladins, Okratron 5000 for FUNimation on Asteroid in Love, and Sound Cadence Studios for Discotek on Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy. Prior to voice acting, I worked for video entertainment website, ScrewAttack, as on-camera talent, a writer, and podcast host.


I'm also a trained singer (Alto-Mezzosoprano).
Dialects: British (Received Pronunciation), Cockney, Russian, Southern US, Western US