Clare Jane Webb

Clare Jane Webb

Member for 2 years •
"Experienced, friendly, clear & bright."

Clare Jane Webb has a clear neutral accent, with a young, fresh, sexy tone, she has 20 years' experience working daily on numerous television & radio campaigns, promos, corporate films & telephone systems, for national & international clients, as well as online content, audio guides & apps.
Trained in acting at ALRA, Clare can deliver anything from straight corporate reads right through to comedy characters,
her friendly bright voice and experience shines through any project.
For extra flexibility we can connect to Clare via her professional home studio.


Media performance at Salford university.
Acting at ALRA
Best training has been working daily for 20 years.


Clients are too numerous to mention, they include Bupa, Scholl, Global, Bauer, Dettol, The perfume shop, Always , Ikea, Clearasil, BT, VEET, BBC, Channel 4, Boomerang, Princess Productions, Tate, Warwick castle.


I have my home professional studio, I can self record jobs and supply via MP3 or Wav, I can also connect via ISDN, Cleanfeed or Source connect now.