Christopher Cinquemani

Christopher Cinquemani

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"Gravelly,Deep, Intense, Dramatic and Rich"

I am told by many people weekly that I have a "deep, dark, dramatic, rich, sexy, spooky, gravelly voice." Most of these people I do not know, and this comes from day to day interactions with others. I have decided to act on this as it seems to happen quite natural to me.

Voice over/talent is something I have always been quite fascinated with. I have had quite a few significant production companies and casting directors recommend I proceed right away. I enjoy it, would love to hone the craft, and am always professional and accessible. A New York native (living in New Hampshire), I own my unique antique and vintage business and have been doing so for many years.

I would say that I thirst to play a villain most, a hero, a gritty character, and very much enjoy dynamic announcer and radio/tv and movie style work. My voice is not enhanced, so I do not audition for what does not seem to fit. My voice is naturally this way and can, of course, be accentuated to match proper roles/projects.

Everyone should know their limits, strengths, and weaknesses. Constructive criticism is always welcome as it will help me to refine the craft. My focus is unlike most others; I understand the feeling of "risk" associated with hiring a "beginner" for the client. I assure you that if given that one excellent chance, you will immediately recognize my professionalism, drive, and devotion to a project without the slightest sense of regret.

If you enjoy my vocal talent, please do not forget to favorite/like my page or audition. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Christopher Cinquemani


Self-taught, natural and refining over time. I am always improving daily. There is always something to learn.




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