Charlie Collicutt

Charlie Collicutt

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"Warm, Trustworthy Northern British Voice"

Hey everyone! My name is Charlie, I'm an actor and voice over artist currently living in London.
My natural voice is soft northern which I am able to strengthen as and when is needed with a naturally warm and trustworthy tone.

Accents: British including Northern, Liverpool, RP, West Country. Southern State American, General American, Irish, Australian, South African, Russian.
Characters and Voices Include: Klarg the Orc, Kermit the Frog, Krusty the Klown, Porky Pig, Yemic the Goblin, All-Might the Superhero, Joker, Demons, Pirates, Christopher Walken, Upper Class English (Berty Wooster) and many others


Identity School of Acting


Decisive Operations on their online videos
Voice Over for the Web Series The Survival Guide to London


I can do character voices and impressions.

In regards to post-production, I can add backing tracks to audio which I have done in the past for Podcasts I have created.