Bruce Edwards

Bruce Edwards

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"English Neutral. Straight Talking, Clearly Heard"

My experience working in UK Radio Broadcasting over the last 35 years has seen me working for both Commercial Radio and the BBC. I have fulfilled a variety of roles from Sports Reporting, Commentating, Producing and Anchoring, News Reporting/Reading, Programme Production & Presentation across the schedule in a variety of formats, roles, and management positions. I've also worked on special OB projects for a number of TV production companies including Planet 24 and Unique Broadcasting in a presentation role, and I've provided many voiceovers for Radio Commercials, Public Events, Training, Corporate, Audiobook, and various other commercial applications.


In my career as a Radio Broadcaster, the variety of experience was as much a part of the training "on the job" followed as the feedback you received from your superiors and peers, who were all much more experienced than I was. But even now there is always something new to pick up and some nuance or valuable note to learn from another colleague or contemporary in the Broadcasting and Media World. It is true to say that no-one has a monopoly on good ideas or valuable experience. As in a live radio studio, the voice-over artist has to be able to read and communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently and also in a way that engages the listener, and in my opinion there is no better platform to learn on than the live radio studio. My student background in Amateur Dramatics has played a part as well in knowing how to use vocalized acting tools such as inflection and the art of the pause to help bring a message across in a more powerful and understandable way.


I've spent over 35 years working in UK Radio Broadcasting, working for both Commercial Radio and the BBC in a variety of roles, station formats and broadcast production positions. I've produced and voiced numerous audio projects not just for the stations I've worked for but also for a number of TV production companies including Planet 24, Unique Broadcasting and local public access broadcast stations in presentation/production roles, and I've also provided many voiceovers for Radio Commercials, Public Events, Corporate Presentations, Award Ceremonies, and other Commercial applications including E-learning, Corporate Training, Health and Mindful Awareness programmes.


I have a broadcast standard equipped home studio, capable of pre-recorded and live recording and/or broadcast sessions and can deliver audio files digitally as required. I also provide professional post-production editing, as well as copywriting, editing, and proofreading services for your scripts or other audio projects.