Bruce Angeli

Bruce Angeli

Member for 7 years
"Professionally trained VO talent with international experience."

My VO work is best known for interpretive copy skills. If audio is 'theater of the mind' my approach tends to resonate with listeners as if we were one-to-one. I always attempt to make a connection in a style that's been characterized as 'real and genuine'. My approach tends to be more 'storytelling'. Well written copy (I'm also a good writer and editor) is the foundation on which any VO project is built. As a VO talent I use my skills to interpret the copy, letting the message resonate with a listener in the way a client intends.


Emerson College, Boston, MA.

Lots of public speaking.

CBS Radio, NYC.

Time Warner Cable, NYC


I have spent a lot of time working on VO projects in the NYC area - the top market in the U.S. I'm particularly gratified by the relationships that I built early on before so much of this work moved to digital platforms. At that time those of us actively involved in VO work moved from studio to studio for project auditions. Today's digital technology allows me to compete for VO projects globally from the comfort of my state of the art studio. I'm always excited to be selected for international projects when an English speaking VO talent is needed.


I can write copy, edit copy, produce and deliver broadcast quality audio for a wide range of projects.