Brandon McCarty

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"Uber Regular: From snarky millennial to gruff and tuff"

I normally sound just like I look, but I can stretch my vocal range into just about any kind of voice you want! So what kind of voice do you need? Bright or dark? Excited or deadpan? Sarcastic or fun? Deep or high? Serious or playful? Gruff? Gravelly? Raspy? Over the top? Understated? Smooth? Sexy? Millennial? Wise? You name it! I could go on and on, and I probably will once I think of some more searchable keywords.


Trained by Gabrielle Nistico after attending the Carolina School of Broadcasting.


I have done work for:
AMC Theatres
Pizza Hut
UNC Charlotte
The State of Alaska


I edit my tracks for quality assurance so you always get nice clean audio.