Bradley Moore

Bradley Moore

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"Eccentric, deep, rich, fun loving, and authentic."

I like doing commercial work, corporate narration, and e-Learning for several reasons. One, I was definitely one of those kids who sang jingles, and parroted commercials to try and sound like the voices I heard on TV and radio. What better way to pay homage than to lend my own unique voice to the world? As for the other two, I love to learn. I'm always looking up new facts, researching in areas that interest me, which many times leads me to the discovery of new things. The same happens with e-Learning and corporate content.


I was in musical theater for a few years during my high school days and shortly thereafter. After serving in the military, I spent years in the Corporate AV word as an engineer, and after some time, I started doing small projects here and there with recording. Now, I have been under coaching for some time and am finally ready to take projects away from YouTube.


I have produced my own YouTube content.


I do sing, and I am able to perform light editing for getting mouth noises, clicks, random noises out.