Bill Lord

Bill Lord

Member for 7 years •
"The guy next door. No, not that one...the one everyone likes."

As the appropriately friendly, authoritative, convincing, or reassuring guy next door, Bill has the perfect delivery for retail, automotive, e-Learning, or internet and explainer videos. His improvisational skills also allow him to create rich characters for video games, cartoons, and audiobooks. He's a pretty versatile guy.


Bill wrote, voiced, and produced thousands of commercials in every retail category during nearly 20 years of broadcast radio experience. While transitioning into a full-time voiceover career, he worked with several prominent acting and performance coaches in order to fully develop his acting skills and conversational reads.

Because industry trends and customer needs are constantly evolving, training never really ends. Bill regularly attends several major voiceover conferences and events each year and participates in many professional development webinars. He's a "Founding 500" Professional Member of the World Voices Organization (WoVO) and a former coach of Edge Studio's "Investigate Voice Acting" classes in Washington, D.C.


Bill is an actor and producer of audiobooks, e-Learning modules, corporate narrations, and commercial voiceover.

His clients include:
* CSL Behring LLC (Kcentra)
* Bobby Beck's McKinney Volkswagon
* David Stanley Chevrolet
* Envoye Marketing
* Traction Magic
* CyberLock Security Systems,
* Tantor Media


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