Barbara Rich

Barbara Rich

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"Every day in voiceover is wonderful!"

Barbara has a warm and flexible voice that can deliver the power of a motivational speech or the softness of a bedtime story.


Barbara started her voiceover career with a 3-month coaching program about the voiceover business and she continues her training today to keep up and expand with the industry.


Barbara has worked all over the world for big names like Toyota, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), the House of Blues, Udemy, Avast and Pfizer and also for public agencies like the US Office of Consumer Protection and national teachers' associations.

Her experience includes regional commercial spots (ex. the House of Blues), voicing software for eLearning that ranges from K-8 English and math lessons to pharmaceutical reps learning about new products, seasonal political ads (candidate or issue spots) and business to business campaigns.

Project types: commercial, eLearning, political campaigns, IVR, corporate, audiobooks


Barbara is a trained singer that has fun with rock and jazz to classical repertoire! While most of my singing experience is in live settings, I've had fun in the voiceover field singing nursery rhymes for children.

I also have a lot of fun with post-production processes when I get the chance. A particular favorite job was to provide a voiceover in a VIKI-style (from iRobot) and provide post-processing to give it, as the client requested, "that echoey cool sound."