Ashley Hansen-Benson

Ashley Hansen-Benson

Member for 5 years
"Sweet bell like sound to a very natural best friend voice."

I can play the hero very well in video games. My voice is young and sweet sounding and by nature I am very sarcastic and witty. I'm good at being sassy and sexy sounding.
Video games are so much fun for me but I have lots of range in other areas of voice over and I cant wait to share it with my clients.

I have been acting and singing for, well all my life.
It wasn't until 5 years ago that I even thought of voice over being something for me. I have always loved cartoons and going to Disneyland and hearing the different voices. "Why didn't I think of this sooner!"
Turns out, it was an undiscovered passion and talent for me. Ever since I have been honing my skills and filling my VO tool box with wonderful tricks.


David Rosenthal 2015-present
SF Acting Academy Mary Windishar 2015
Active Member of GVAA 2016-present
Brian Sommer 2017


Blade and Soul - Various Characters
Warframe - Mara
Heros of Newerth - Carol
Big Fish Mobile Games - Felicia - Mystery Tracker “Queen of Hearts”
Narrator - Leadup


I can sing La La La!!!!!
I can do lots of accents!