Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

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"Contemporary, Cool, Friendly, warm, Guy Next Door"

Here's the description I received from a top Voice Coach: "Andy has a great, contemporary, cool, down-to-earth, guy next door, humorous kind of vibe. 28-40. He's good doing cool, funny, sarcastic, snarky."

In other words, I'm probably not your guy if you're looking for a big announcer or movie trailer guy. And, although I do a pretty good impression of the "movie phone" guy, that's not my style. I just try to talk to people as though they are people...'cause most of them are.

I get cast a lot as a young dad, cool 20'-30's guy and I do quite a few explainer and product introduction videos per month.

I'm constantly in acting and improv classes because they keep me sharp (and because I love 'em).


Most of my training comes from years of on-air radio work and, more recently, many acting, voice acting and improv classes at Dearing Acting Studio in Phoenix, AZ. I also make sure to schedule sessions with VO Coach Lesley Bailey.


Lately, I've been doing a ton of eplainer and product/website launch videos. I get cast for those jobs because I have learned how to sound natural doing cool, hip, warm, friendly and/or guy-next-door.

In fact, I have neighbors living all around me so I am, quite literally, the guy next door! Now that's real life experience!

I worked for years as an on-air radio host on some of the largest stations in Phoenix, AZ. That was fun but my true passion is acting. Now, as a trained actor I am combining what I learned in radio with my acting chops to produce high quality voice acting.

Besides the entertainment industry, I have spent time in the corporate world and in commercial real estate. More importantly to voice over jobs, I have extensive acting and improv experience.


Andy is your "guy". He's the neighbor you borrow a tool from, the buddy you grab a beer with, the dad you get thrown up in the air by (well, only if you're under 5), the husband you get dreamy about. He can pick up a script and instantly own it. His analytical skills allow him to connect with the writer's full vision, and his emotional depth maintains an authenticity to the delivery as great as any stage actor. Andy has great ideas and always adds that something extra to make the read unique, yet he has the intellectual capacity to translate direction precisely and give you exactly what you want. In short, he's a producer's, writer's, and director's dream. And a neighbor's, buddy's, kid's, and wife's....

Lesley Bailey - VO Casting Director