Andrei Ionescu

Andrei Ionescu

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"Versatile, authentic and friendly voice"

Versatile voice actor based in London, UK, with over 12 years experience in dubbing, voice-over and character work. I put a lot of work and love into each of my projects and work from a competitive home studio, where I record, edit, mix and master all my audio.
Currently being involved in an ambitious children's project in Romania, with Copilul Verde, where I voice a wide array of characters and do everything audio, including editing, soundscape & music composition.


I'm a professional actor with a BA in Acting fro UNATC Bucharest and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School.
I started working in studios in 2008 doing dubbing for cartoon characters with AGER FILMS and have since recorded in numerous studios in London.
I record voice-over and other audio on a daily basis.


My biggest achievement thus far is being recognized as one of the most important voices for children in Romania, due to my collaboration with Copilul Verde.
I have, to date, voiced over 20 educational/entertaining long length, personalized audiobooks and have tens of thousands of little fans of my characters.

I enjoy doing commercial/traditional Voice Over jobs equally, and I have completed projects with companies from all around the globe.


I'm a professional singer and songwriter. I release music under the band name The Alpacas.
I also compose music for theatre, film sync/advertising and children's entertainment.
I am open to doing dubbing, lip-sync and have a full home studio equipped to record high-quality voice, music, as well as editing, mixing and mastering audio.