Amanda Goodman

Amanda Goodman

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"Upbeat, Witty, and Bold . . . Amanda B. Goodman"

Amanda B. Goodman is a widely recognized Filmmaker, Actor and Producer. She has worked in the TV, Film and Voice Over industry for over fifteen years including at Comedy Central's “Broad City,” Victoria’s Secret, MTV, The Kellogg Company, American Express and more. Her films, mostly in the horror genre, have screened in numerous festivals around the world. Her work has been featured in several publications including Time Out New York, The BORO and Digital Filmmaker Magazine. Her feature screenplay, “The Ansford Chiller,” is available on Amazon. Amanda, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ThreeWay Product, a New York based marketing, production and PR company.


NYC Trained for 10 Years. Private Coaching: Jane Dashow and Edge Studio.


Past Clients Include: MTV, Zales, Facebook, Tropicana, American Express, LaraBar, Special K, The Keys, DeadLined (Host), The Bitch Seat, Air Wick, XFinity, Green Pod (Podcast Host), Travelers Insurance, and more!


Audio Production, Film Score Composition, Actress, and Video Editing.