Alexis Rodney

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"Can go from young urban London to American Corporate"

I believe my range as I hope you will hear in my clips allows me to play anything. I am a character Actor by trade and have voiced Aliens (Moloka Dar in Guardians of the Galaxy) to playing Peter in Ridley Scots production of Killing Jesus. For Voice I was the smooth young American for the European campaign of Hugo Boss. Video games such as Cyberpunk, Star Wars and Lego Marvel Superheroes have all had my voice on board


Drama School. Also have had the privilege of working with people like Jim Carey (Kick Ass 2) and great voice artists over the years. Many group loops also.


Hugo Boss lead European campaign.

Sony Playstation- Dream Platform- Lead voice


Idents and Promo for Sony Europe and Africa

Cyber Punk 2077