Alex Berardi

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"Warm, conversational, caring, upbeat"

Alex is not one to cry easily, but the one thing that consistently gets the tears flowing is watching people achieve their dreams. Alex has a passion for creativity and helping her fellow visionaries realize their dreams.

Alex received voice acting training from the respected and well known Deborah Richards. During her nearly year of training Alex worked closely with Deborah to build her reels, learn about the business of voice, and grew to love the editing and producing process. She now trains her voice with daily exercises and weekly voice lessons. She has voiced commercials, audiobooks, and often lends her voice and on-air personality to the 2018 MLS champs, Atlanta United FC.

As a former teacher and summer camp counselor, Alex is fun-loving, supportive, and always down for a good laugh. Her experience includes teaching preschoolers and working closely with neurodiverse students ages 5-19. In addition, she developed a program called Connections Collective to work alongside her students in developing various forms of content media. 

Alex’s passion has always been acting and since elementary she has continued to train in acting and voice.  She has appeared in shows like The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe and Beauty & the Beast and has been working on independent films since 2018. Currently, Alex is writing her own content, working as a digital host for ATL UTD, and managing the office and social media at Connections School of Atlanta. Most importantly, Alex’s positive energy and free spirit motivates others to dare to dream big. 


Deborah Richards Studio - Voice Training, Audio editing
Calli McRae, Bloom Vocal Studio - Singing Voice Lessons


Credits & Experience in Voice Over, Acting, and Hosting:

On-Air Talent/Atlanta United FC (on-going), Content producer/Atlanta United FC, Oofos/Commercial, Shoel/Wild Hunt Media, Resurgence/Dir: Jack Moffet, Inhuman/ Dir: Bailey Tyler, Eve/Dir: T.C. Barrera, Neighborhood Freights/Dir: Sam Bouchard, My Love/Dir: Cody Stubbs, Yellow Ribbon/Dir: Shirley Norman, Hubcap/Dir: Dick Mays, The Devil's Elbow/Dir: Trey & Clayton Brandon, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe/New London Theatre, Beauty & the Beast/New London Theatre


I have a passion for audio & video editing. Pulling the elements together that results in an emotional experience is beautiful.

I am also an actress & singer. I am currently learning to play the piano and guitar.

My time working in sports marketing has given me great perspective on the world that goes into creating experiences for people. One of my greatest joys is surprising our loyal fans with prizes as a part of our Flags Out activation. I have the honor of being the on-air host and producer of these surprises