Adam Bullock

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"A fun and conversational voice that creates success for everyone"

What makes my work unique is that I can truly bring fun and conversational to any piece of copy I am given ( when it comes to commercial work). My real passion in voice-over is character work for animation. It's what inspired me to go into this field of work. I may not have a current animation demo ( coming soon/training towards getting it produced). My voice impression demo that is on my website clearly shows the energy and joy I have for voicing characters that bring joy to all. We are all works in progress but I believe that I am capable of accomplishing any project given to me.


My acting skills come from many years of self-education, performing in local theater companies and my work thru puppetry. As for voice over training, I've been training with a few coaches out of state. My first coach is Everett Oliver ( and I've been coaching with him on commercial and animation. Secondly, my core commercial coach is Angel Burch (www.voxclass).


My biggest accomplishments are so far:

- Currently working with an Animator out of Nigeria on a few of his animated shows, which are gaining the attention of a few networks (ToonUp Animation Studio).
- Thru my education/training over the years. I got the opportunity to voice a few animated film short for a local filmmaker here in AZ.
- After many months of getting coached in commercial VO. I have produced the second version of my commercial demo and it truly shows how much I've progressed/grown as a Voice Talent.


Other than voice over I have amazing skills a puppeteer, maker of puppets, props and costumes, graphic designer and photographer.