Aaron Adams

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"A voice that stands out from the rest and gets you noticed."

If your looking for the deep rich baritone, that isn't me. I sound younger than I am, but I tend to have a quirk in my delivery. Something to keep things from sounding rehearsed, taking a written script and finding a way to bring truth to the words. Beyond that I have a wide range of character voices, great for animated projects, or scripts that need a touch of wierd. But James Earl Jones, I am not.


My first vocal instruction was part of an eight month course at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. After my formal training, I've encountered, what is now an additional 20 years of experience. Along with the critiques from my peers, coworkers, managers, and clients, all of which have added to my diversity in reading styles.


I was Creative Services Director for Citadel Broadcastings four station cluster in Michigan. I had won 3 state wide awards my last two years in that position. From there, I moved to Mobile Alabama, again as Creative Services Director, for another small group of radio stations for 7 years. Today I am self employed with clients around the globe. I take care of the advertisers campaign strategies, write the scripts, voice the audio, As well as the production and delivery of the audio.


While I do not compose, or sing in jingles, I do work closely with a company that provides those services at a more than reasonable cost, while still delivering exciting audio results.