Sergei is an old hand with 25+ years in the industry under his belt

- a paralegal
- a simultaneous interpreter
- an office manager
- a conference coordinator
- a translation teacher

- a sole entrepreneur with expanding business
- a speaker at professional translation conferences
- a networker with a wide range of experts
- working in teams with similar experienced professionals

focusing on
-app and website localization, keywords and copywriting
- certificates and formal documents
- video subtitling
- marketing and promotion

Strong and diverse expertise:
- degree in Translation
- degree in Business Administration
- degree in Tourism
- basic knowledge of Java, HTML and Python
- certificates in MT Post-editing

Strong work ethics:
- owns clients' projects
- values own goodwill

Strong technology skills:
- able to handle difficult formats and tasks requiring technology expertise

Relevant hobbies:
- learning to code
- technology enthusiast

Areas of interest:
- machine translation
- voice recognition
- productivity and small business tools
- work automation


* BA in English and German Translation/Interpretation
* Minor in Business Administration
* Tourist Guide Certificate


In 15 years Sergei has delivered premium translation and interpretation services to all kinds of companies, big and small. Also, in his career as a professional localizer he has localized over 200 top App/Google Store apps (e.g. Viber, Kerio, Arounder) and major websites (e.g. Blacklane, Medigo and ENOG).


Sergei's areas of expertise include:

1) app and website localization, keywords and copywriting
2) certificates and formal documents (POAs, birth and death certificates, corporate contracts)
3) video subtitling (marketing and promotion videos, motion pictures)
4) remote interpretation (marketing research, business meetings)
5) marketing and promotion

Sergei spoke at translation conferences in Ukraine on app localization ( and voice recognition ( and was featured in Slator (