I was born and bred in South Africa, speaking both English and Afrikaans. I have also spent time living in the UK.

I've been translating between two language trios, viz:
- Danish, Norwegian & Swedish and
- Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans

It took my a good 15 years of studies and working experience before I took the leap to enter the arena of a full-time language professional.

I would describe myself as half analytical and half creative. An eye for detail, with an ear for what sounds sublime. Industry-specific translations fit for marketing purposes is the name of my game.


- First Aid Level 2 + AED Certificate
- N1 Electrical Engineering Certificate
- Certificate in Programme in Total Quality Management
- Certificate in Programme in Production / Operations & Productivity Management
- BSc in IT (incomplete)
- National Certificate in IT
- Senior Certificate (with Matriculation Exemption)


I pride myself on creating top-of-the-range translations, supplyingpar excellence proofreading/editing services and superbly detailed and accurate Translation Memories (TM's).

I have both work and translation experience in a variety of technical industries, whilst my creative side tends towards well-versed poetry, song-writing and eye-catching marketing copy.


Unique to my service offering is the variety of language pairs I translate in, coupled with insight into many different types of content.

I am always looking to streamline and speed up the translation process, both for myself and my clients.

Not least among the means to increase productivity and to save costs would be the creation of client-specific translation memories, which allow for quicker and more accurate translations for each respective client lucky enough to invest in such a luxury.