I amost translated any kind of text though I priviledge the creative ones.
I am a qualified translator with decades of experience and willing to improve.


BA in Translation Studies


Academic/Scientific Texts
• Translation IT/ENG of a PhD dissertation in Didactics of Mathematics at the Bratislava University. Title: “Teachers’ Convictions on Mathematical Infinity”, due to be published Sept. 2003-Sept.2004
• Translation of a paper for an international conference on social psychology and psychotherapy June-July 2003
• University of Bologna - Dip. Scienze dell’Educazione - Translation IT/ENG of national reports within the framework of YOYO European Project (Youth Policy, Participation and Informal Learning in young people transition to the labour market) 2001- 2003
TEMA S.r.l. Venezia, Italy Nov.-Dec. 2002
Software and user’s guide IT/ENG translator
Seldat-Network Solutions Spa Sansepolcro, Italy 1999 - present
Translation of an outsourcing project for phone-cards collecting. Translation of various documents catalogues and business correspondence.
UTET Periodici Spa Torino, Italy June 2001
Translated and adapted an appendix for a specialised magazine on restoration works in Genoa on the occasion of the G8 summit.
Localized www.altraromagna.net tourist information portal. November 2000
Translated adapted and proofread numerous types of texts from English, German and Spanish in different fields including: cinema, literature, gastronomy, environment sustainability, economics and sociology 2000-present


I like to give nwe vest and Birth to texts especially marketing and vocative ones.
Specialist course in Translator for English Theatre