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Ridding the world of misunderstandings, one well-crafted text or elegant translation at a time.


BA, German and Russian (US)
MA, European Studies (Politics) (GER)
MA, Peace and Security Studies (GER)


Nearly 25 years of editorial experience, from literary journals to academic papers, from weekly newsrooms and bimonthly glossies to quarterly rags and annual reports.

I specialize in arts, culture, travel, and politics, across the US, Europe, and beyond. But I am happy to collaborate on a wide range of projects -- don't hesitate to contact me with yours.


Do you do business with a large percentage of customers from or have employees based in the United States or Great Britain? The larger your audience from English-speaking countries, the higher the standard your communications must maintain in order to retain attractiveness, professionalism, and accuracy in the eyes of your listeners and readers.

But native English speakers aren’t the only issue. Your English-language offerings communicate with nearly every customer outside of your own country. The more errors and oddities in your texts, the more difficulty these sensitive users will have understanding the basic meaning of your message.

Your business has much to offer. Perhaps you need a professional, experienced eye to improve your existing language? Or you need someone to help you hone or craft a message that speaks loud and clear to everyone? You’ve come to the right place!