I am a French national and native speaker, I was educated in the French system and speak it at home.

I have worked in French as a journalist and have both written and translated news articles and research pieces, architectural and environmental research work.

I am also a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. (Arabic/ English into French)


French Baccalaureate
French Licence (3rd year) in History from the Sorbonne
French Licence (3rd) Cultural Studies from the Sorbonne
French and literary translation (UCL, BA unit)


News reports and digital content for Radio France and the BBC.

I have translated architectural research projects into French for Pattern Design Limited.

I have translated research documents for the French Ministry of the Environment, essays and articles.

Articles for the charity Info Palestine.

Film catalogues for the Cannes Film Festival's Semaine de la Critique.

I also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (English into French) and do so regularly for:
BFI London Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, McLaren automotive, the BBC, Secours Catholique.


I have studied in French at further and higher education levels, completing a baccalaureate with distinction (18/20) and two BAs from the Sorbonne.

I have worked as a journalist in France so am familiar with media French.
I have worked in film festivals and programming so am familiar with cinema / film.
As a product specialist for McLaren, I am familiar with automotive. Through my work for the Ministry of the Environment, I have specialised in issues around energy and climate change.