I have Lebanese and Syrian origins so Arabic (Levantine) is one of my mother tongues.
I also work in fusha/ modern standard Arabic at BBC Arabic (and am completing a grammar course at SOAS).

I have translated news articles, footage and subtitles, drama and short legal documents.

I have interpreting experience (Arabic into English / French)


SOAS - Advanced Certificate in MSA Proficiency


I am currently transcribing and translating footage in Arabic (Syria) into English for BBC' Our World.
I've translated digital news content for BBC Arabic.
I translated a short play from Arabic into English for the Soho Theatre.
I have translated a number of short legal documents in Arabic into English and French.


As a journalist, I have a particularly good grasp of media Arabic.
As I speak it at home, I'm fluent in and confident with Levantine dialects.
I'm a film programmer for BBC Arabic so have extensive knowledge of cinematic vocabulary.
I am currently completing an advanced grammar certificate at SOAS.