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General questions

Are there any fees for clients (voice seekers)?

Short answer: No.

Detailed answer: No, never.

Unlike other platforms of its kind, bodalgo will not hide any fees that eventually come out the budget you intended to be paid to the voice talent. In other words: Whatever you agree with the talent is what the talent gets, and you get the talent your full budget deserves! e don’t force any “escrow” fees or any "managed services fees" on either party. Payment is done solely between you and the talent. bodalgo stays out of the way.

Just in case you are wondering how we make any money (and we appreciate your concern), bodalgo's business model is based on a membership fee our voice talents pay if they want to audition for jobs posted on bodalgo. It’s that simple.

How does bodalgo work for voice talents?

bodalgo offers two kinds of accounts for voice talents. On signing up you will be granted a free basic membership that includes your public profile and full database exposure. What's more: Included in your public profile is a contact form, so potential clients can contact and hire you. All of this is completely free of charge.

Most jobs on bodalgo are posted as castings, ie. potential clients post a description of what they are looking for. Talents whose profiles match those jobs get an invitation to audition. In order to do so, a premium membership is needed. We offer three attractive plans (monthly, half-yearly, yearly.)

Unlike other sites, bodalgo will never limit you in the number of jobs you may audition for. If you are a match to the client's needs, you will be able to audition the same second as every other matching premium member. We have no fancy Platinum tiers for thousands of dollars. Everyone is the same here.

It is important, though, that you realize that auditioning for every job post is not a very clever idea, as you will end up wasting a lot of time auditioning for jobs you never had a chance of booking in the first place. Be selective. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.

How much of the budgeted talent fee will the voice talent receive?

100 percent. Always.

The payment is done solely between the client and the talent chosen during the audition process. bodalgo stays out of the way the whole time.


Posting casting

I am getting too many mails about new offers for a job I posted – how can I turn those off?

Easy. Simply go to the page of the job in question and turn off the notifications. Look for the option Preferences | Notifications and uncheck the box. You can turn on and off notifications as often as you like and your choice has instant effect.



How safe is my personal data?

bodalgo stores all user data in a database which can not be accessed from the outside the server. Also, all security related information like passwords are stored encrypted. And there's more: All data exchanged between you and the bodalgo server is encrypted for the journey through the network, so nobody can sneak into your personal data.

How do I turn off audition notifications I receive via email?

Go to your account preferences and uncheck the respective option.

I have registered as a talent but I cannot find myself in the database/via the search function – help!
We review every new profile manually to ensure that our buyers only hear qualified talent. We try to do this as quickly as possible, but sometimes it can take a few days. Thank you for your patience. 

bodalgo is a site for professional talent only. We expect that our members will have received training, and have an understanding of audio and acoustics, along with professional gear. If your profile is not approved, please consult with your coaching resources to find out why. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on profiles that are not approved.

I cannot see my profile picture? My profile picture does not change when I am uploading a new one!

Sometimes, browsers have difficulties in getting updated pictures right. If you have uploaded and cropped a picture without receiving an error message, everything will be fine. If your profile still shows the old picture, try reloading the page while pressing the [SHIFT]-key. That should do the trick.

There is a message in my profile that I might not be able to receive bodalgo's mails. What does that mean?

If you see this message…

We can not send mails to you! Your email inbox might be full or your email provider rejects our mails. Because of that, you will not receive any casting notifications nor messages from potential clients.

…this means that we have received a notice from your email provider that our mails to you are not delivered. There could be a few reasons why:

1. Your mailbox is full.

2. You are forwarding mails sent to you to another email address that is no longer in use or valid. In this case, please remove the forwarding process.

3. Your provider interprets our emails as spam. Unfortunately, there is not really much that we can do. You have to talk to your email provider in order to have them deliver our mails to you.

How long does it take to approve my profile?

Every voice talent's profile will be reviewed manually which should take a week max. We will only approve complete profiles of professionally trained talents. Incomplete profiles will not be approved, so please make sure you have filled it out completely.

Important: bodalgo will delete incomplete profiles automatically seven days after registration. Also, we delete all profiles that do no support a professional background (no information about training, missing/weak audio demos). bodalgo will not give notice before deletion nor will we give personal feedback why a profile has been deleted.


Premium Account (Voice Talents only)

How do I cancel my premium membership?

Simply write us a mail. You can use the contact form to do so.

How much is a premium account?

You can choose between three attractive plans:

Monthly: 24,90 Euro

6 Months: 119.90 Euro

Yearly: 219.90 Euro

ATTENTION: All plans renew automatically without prior notice if not canceled before their expiration date.

My membership payment failed. What are the next steps?

First of all: This can happen to all of us and is no big deal. We will try to charge your account a second time after a few days. If you can make sure there will be sufficient funds by then, that's all you need to do. If the payment fails a second time, we will automatically cancel your subscription and your account will be downgraded to a basic membership.

Please note that you can not re-upgrade while there is a pending payment. If the payment source you have used is no longer valid, you have to wait for the second time we try to charge the account. Once your subscription has been terminated, you will be able to re-upgrade.


Audition for castings

How do I get paid?

You’ve been hired by a bodalgo client! Well done! All payment terms are negotiated between the talent and the client. bodalgo does not interfere. Also, we do not force any expensive escrow services on our users. Please make sure that both parties understand the payment terms and what the compensation does and doesn't include. 

Is there a way to tell how many other talents already auditioned for a job?

Yes, there is. Go to the page of the job in question. Just below the headline you will see this icon . The number next to this icon is the information you are looking for.

Important - read carefully: Contrary to common believe, "speed" is not the most important factor when it comes to winning a job. Not every voice seeker will check every five minutes for new auditions. Also keep in mind that the audition list is sorted that way that the offers that came in last will show on top of the list of auditions. We do this so the client does not have to scroll down all the time when browsing for the latest offers.

How do I know whether I was chosen for a job?

If a client chooses you for a job, they will write a message to you that you will receive by mail. bodalgo has no "internal" message system – all the messages from a client are sent directly to your personal email address. To do so, the clients have a contact form attached to every audition you have sent – it is really easy for them to get in touch with you.

Still, it is very important that you make good use of the signature tool. Include all contact details. They will be attached to every audition automatically so you never forget to give clients easy access to your contact details.

How do I increase my chances auditioning for a job?

Apart from the advice given below, the following blog posts are a must read: Improve your online casting success rate,  Don't let yourself be squeezed, Do not start before the start and Lost in hiss and hum

bodalgo has given the same answer to this question for years now – we really do believe that it is a great point to start from

  • Only audition for stuff you are really, really great at. Simply being good is not good enough. Take Armin, for example, the founder of bodalgo: He will never audition for any jobs posted on bodalgo, of course, but even if he could he says: "I would never audition for commercials because I know I suck at commercials. But: I can do magic with eLearning."
  • Make your audition relevant and unique. You need to sell your product (ie. your voice) with the same marketing skills washing powder, cars and chocolate bars are sold: Your offer needs to create a relevant and unique benefit to the client.

  • Make it short: Your audition message should not exceed three to five sentences. If you can’t make an impact by then, nothing will. And don't forget to add your contact details in the signature to make contacting you a breeze!
  • Make it short (with a vengeance): Your audio demo should never be more than 60 seconds, in fact, 30 should do the trick. No music intro. No intro at all. If the client specifically asks for it, you might want to add your name in the beginning. But we think that this is a waste of time for both sides…
  • Your demo must be of outstanding technical quality. Unfortunately, there are talents out there that think their demos are great when actually they are not. Probably they have never listened to them properly (we know how harsh this must sound). Use decent headphones if you are unsure about the quality of your demos. Hiss, ambient noise, room ambiance, gates harshly cutting off word endings – all these are completely avoidable. Yet, we hear them almost every day.

I can see a 'Thumbs up' icon next to my quote. What does that mean?

"Thumbs up" () are always a good sign and this in no different. It means that the client liked your audition. Although this does not mean that you have been awarded the job, it is an indication that your chances increased.

Is it important to be the first talent auditioning? Is speed crucial?

Not at all, because the latest auditions will be added on top of the list presented to the client. The reason for this is simple: Showing the latest auditions on top makes sure that the client does not have to scroll down every time he checks back to for new offers. The result is a much better user experience.



What is bodalgoCall?

bodalgocall is an easy way to connect multiple parties with a high-quality audio connection in your browser. There is no additional hardware nor software needed. bodalgocall works just fine with up-to-date versions of all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

bodalgocall ist completely for free. For all. For good.

How can bodalgoCall be free? Are you selling my data?

No, of course not. bodalgo will never sell any data to anybody.

The reason why bodalgoCall is free: The technology bodalgoCall is based on, webRTC (web real-time communication), is free, too! Additional costs are very low, so we made the decision to use bodalgoCall as a marketing tool to create awareness for bodalgo's talent roster. The objective is to bring more clients to bodalgo resulting in more job opportunities for our talents.

That's the whole secret.