Why pay for webRTC based ISDN replacements?

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webRTC is a new web standard that enables audio and videos sessions without the need for any hardware or software. The technology comes free, so why should you pay for webRTC services?

If you are not familiar with the term webRTC (real-time web communication): It is a new web standard rising that enables anyone with an internet connection to establish super high-quality audio and video sessions without the need of any further software or hardware. A browser and an internet connection are all that's needed.

This is, of course, wonderful news for many in the world of audio and video production: Recording studios, voiceover talents, radio and tv stations, production companies and many more. Just imagine the possibilities:

1. Remote recording/directing: A voice talent in his very own booth could be thousands of miles away from the studio recording them. For a client following the recording it does not make a difference whether the actor stands in a booth next door or far away. webRTC makes it possible.

2. Radio/TV stations: An interviewee could appear without being at the TV studio. Skype has been successfully used for this. Now imagine a far better quality regarding audio and video. And the nonnecessity for Skype.

3. Learning languages or instruments: High-quality audio and video is vital for learning languages or instrument because you need to see and hear what's going on precisely. webRTC was designed precisely to fulfill those needs.

With the rise of this new technology, many companies came up with webRTC apps for various needs, taking what has been given to them for free by the many developers of webRTC and turning it into a business model.

There is nothing wrong with this, but you could ask yourself: Would you be willing to pay for an internet browser? Of course, not, you might say. Now let's have a look at services like ipDTL or SessionLink pro. Why would you pay for those? Their underlying technology was already there. Developed by others. Given to the web community free of charge. Developing a browser from scratch is a much more challenging undertaking than coding a webRTC app. And I know what I am talking about because I did the latter.

When I started developing a webRTC app for bodalgo, I thought about monetizing it the same way that others do. But then I realized: It's not how it should be. Technology that had been invented by somebody else is not there for me (or anybody) to piggy back on. webRTC needs to be made available to people that benefit most from it. And it needs to be professional, reliable, yet super easy and fun to use.

Say "Hello!" to bodalgoCall – free video conferencing and ISDN replacement


Power without the price: bodalgoCall features the highest audio quality but comes completely for free.

bodalgoCall enables you to engage into high-quality audio connections with basically anybody in the world. All you need is a modern browser. Although bodalgoCall works best with Chrome (recommended for remote recording), it also supports Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Safari and Internet Explorer (the latter two need a free plugin to be downloaded).

With up to 510 kbps bit rate on audio connections, bodalgoCall offers the highest audio quality of all services of its kind. Still, bodalgoCall is completely for free. Because the technology it's based on, was given to me for free. Because webRTC potentially changes the way many people work together. Because I want you to try it, use it, love it.

So buckle up and take a ride into the future of recording, producing, broadcasting online right now!

No time to read the feature? Check out this summary: webRTC is a new rising internet standard that can potentially change the way many people will work and communicate. Its technology has been created by lots of developers free of charge. bodalgoCall builds on webRTC so you can benefit from it in a professional, reliable way. Free of charge.

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