Using VOIP In Your Whisper Booth: The Channel 1 Phenomenon

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Can you use Skype, bodalgoCall, ipDTL or Session Link from within your voice booth? Then you may move along. There is nothing to see here...

Still here? Let me guess: Using an external microphone with any of the named above you can hear the other party, but they can not hear you? Just as if your external microphone was not working with those VoIP tools? But your internal mic works like a charm?

I faced the same problem for years. And no matter how hard I was researching the topic, I could not find any solution. Thanks to Graeme Spicer from Edge Studios, New York, this has changed.


To make your external microphone work with the likes of Skype and bodalgocall, be sure to plug it into input channel 1 or 2 when using an audio interface

A few weeks ago I went to VO Atlanta 2016 where I introduced Graeme to bodalgocall, bodalgo's brand new and super affordable remote audio solution that lets you connect with any party in the world using a high quality audio call. Ideal for remote directing among many other things. Best thing: It comes with no additional costs with a premium membership of bodalgo. And it works like magic.

Showcasing bodalgocall to Graeme I mentioned that I could not use it myself because somehow my setup would not work with Skype, bodalgocall and other similar solutions. Graeme thought for a second and then asked the magical question: "Which input of your audio interface is your microphone connected to?" – "Number 9," I replied. As I used the digital version of the Neumann TLM 103, I had no other choice than channel 9 because the Motu audio interface I was using happened to have this very channel dedicated as its S/PDIF input. I never thought a second about the possibility that this might cause any issues.

"I think that's the problem," Graeme said, "try a microphone on channel 1 and see what happens."

What happened was: It solved the problem. And thinking about it, it is super clear to me now: Skype lets you quickly select the audio input in case there are several options available. So you can select the audio interface you are using, but not the exact channel you have your microphone plugged into. Without that information, Skype does not know which channel to use and simply uses number 1 (and 2) as default. To the best of my knowledge, this behavior is documented nowhere.

So there you have it: If you are having trouble using VoIP software or webRTC solutions like bodalgocall with your external microphone, this should do the trick for you.

Click here for more infos on bodalgocall!

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