How to create a great voice actor job posting

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Identifying the best voice talents for your project is easy with bodalgo. And if you provide the right pieces of information when posting a job, the results will be even better!

Although bodalgo makes the process of identifying the best voice talents a straightforward process, there are a few things you can do on your side to smoothen the experience even further and save a lot of time. This short feature will guide you through the process no matter whether you are looking for a voice talent for your own productions or on behalf of a client.

The right briefing will help talents understanding your needs. You should not only describe the kind of voice you have in mind (gender, age, pitch) but also who the audience will be and what you want to achieve: Informing, inspiring, motivating, educating, selling, teaching, etc. Voice talents have their specialties and will base their decision to audition taking into account the goal of the voice over you need. The result: More relevant auditions.

"Type of audio" and "Distribution"

These two parameters are crucial because they are an important factor regarding the necessary budget for a voice over job. What's more, you need to understand when to select "Commercials" as "Type of audio" instead of another setting. As a rule of thumb, you have to choose "Commercials" if the distribution of the audio is paid for with a media budget. Typical examples are TV and radio spots or pre-rolls (i.e. the clips shown on YouTube before the start of the video you want to watch, for example).


Great job postings create great results and save you a lot of time, too! Watch out for the correct settings of "Type of audio" and "Distribution" as those parameters have a great effect on the budget.

Selecting "Commercials" will show one additional parameter: the "Buyout", which determines how long the advertisement will air – an important factor regarding the budget. At the same time, the voice talent needs to know how long their voice will be used to avoid conflicts with other clients dealing in the same business sector. Some companies want exclusivity.

Don't combine separate jobs

Let's assume you need a great voice talent for three product presentations, two minutes each, that will show on your website (as you just have learned, these are not commercials as you do not have to pay to show them on your website).

Don't combine them to make them look like one six-minute piece. Each video has to be treated separately unless they are indeed connected to each other. An example: Showing three different aspects of the same product would qualify to combine the videos while showing three distinct products won't. The latter case does not mean, of course, that you would have to post three different jobs! It just means that the budget requirements for three distinct videos of two minutes are higher than for one six minutes video.

Providing scripts and custom demos

If you have (parts of) the script ready, you should always copy and paste it in the field Script. Also, this section is the right place for any links to existing videos that you want to share with the voice talents.

A word of advice regarding scripts, though: Some voice over talents are willing to record custom demos according to your script. Don't take this for granted and refrain from "forcing" voice actors to only audition with customs demos as a matter of courtesy. Remember: Usually, custom demos (also referred to as "layouts") cost money! If talents voluntarily produce custom demos, be happy about it but do not exploit their willingness to do so.

Finding voices for clients

If you are looking for the perfect voice over on behalf of a client, there is a chance that you have limited information what exactly your client needs. This might lead to a rather weak job posting if, for example, you can neither define gender nor age because the client "has not made up their mind" yet.

Why are weak job postings an issue? Because you will end up listening to dozens of auditions that will not be relevant to your client. They might not know what they want, but they will always know what they do not want to hear. Presenting candidates to your client can be a very frustrating experience if the job posting has not been accurate enough. On the other hand: There might be many talents putting much effort into auditioning for a job that they can't know they don't match because of missing information.

The best way to avoid this? Talk to your client and point out the importance of sharing the necessary information. Doing so is highly beneficial to your customer, too, because: If they can not even decide which gender or voice age to go for, chances are there might be a flaw in the strategy so far that should get attention.

Great job postings create great results

Does a proper job posting take a bit more time than just bashing out a vague description? Sure it does. But it pays back big time when you enter the final stage of a job posting. If properly done, you will have achieved two major tasks: Finding the truly best voice in the shortest amount of time.

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