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Today, I would like to announce some important changes to the buyer interface on bodalgo. bodalgo is dedicated to being the most transparent and ethical online voice over casting site, and it is my personal mission to always work with the talent community to help you earn what you are worth, while educating buyers about what compensation is reasonable.

Therefore, effective immediately, when a buyer posts a job on bodalgo there will be a link next to the budget selection field where they can directly access the GVAA rate guide, which I believe has become the true industry standard on what non-union talent should be charging. It is my hope that buyers will take this information into account when selecting a budget.

Also effective immediately, buyers now have the option to select 3, 6, and 9-month usage options in a convenient drop-down menu, in addition to the 1-5 year options which were available before. bodalgo, responding to talent feedback, believes this more accurately reflects standard compensation models for commercial work.

Additionally, when a buyer selects “Commercials,” they are presented with a large text box reminding them that commercial rates are considerably higher than non-broadcast rates, and that pre-roll and web ads constitute commercials and should be paid accordingly.

bodalgo is committed to protecting talent value in emerging media markets.

Finally, I have heard the feedback from some talent ("Hello, Dan!") about replacing the budget range process with a fixed-pricing model. While bodalgo is likely to continue offering buyers the opportunity to select a budget range, we are exploring the possibility of offering the option to post a fixed budget as well. I will be back in touch when we decide how this will work, but rest assured that you can always count on bodalgo to hear your voices, and take them seriously.

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