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High-quality audio streams have been exclusive to ISDN and software plugins. A new web standard makes remote directing and recording more affordable. Premium voice talents of bodalgo pay: zero.

If you wanted (or needed) to send your live audio to a distant studio, ISDN was the way to go for more than two decades. Unfortunately, the hardware needed came with a hefty four-digit price tag (before the comma that is).

With the internet and its broadband connections, there soon appeared a new way of enabling parties to remote direct or remote record audio sessions: Software-Plugins made hardware unnecessary. And while the price was now much more affordable, you were still looking at up to 1,000 USD.

Lately, a new web standard (that is continuously developed further) has appeared: webRTC - web real-time communication. In a nutshell, this browser built in standard enables you to send high-quality audio and video streams over the internet without the need of any additional software or hardware. A browser and an internet connection are all you need. And a provider that offers a webRTC service. Say "Hello" to bodalgocall.


bodalgocall makes it unbelievably easy to connect two parties with a super high quality audio connection that runs at up to 255 kbps (that's way more than what's needed).

Remote direct, remote listening, remote everything

So how could you potentially make good use of bodalgocall? Voice talents would use it to give (potential) clients the possibility to listen to the recording the second it is happening. Remote directing is extremely useful when pronunciation is critical or time is short, and you want to make sure that no pickups will be required. In a typical setup, the talent would record the whole session and send it (with optional editing, depending on what you have negotiated) to the client. Done!

If the client is desperate, though, they could record the talents audio themselves thus saving the time to upload and download the session. N.B.: webRTC does not allow to record the incoming stream out of the box, so the audio setup needs to support this. There are tools to do this (Soundflower, for example), but there is also a more elegant solution: Universal Audio's Apollo interface series makes the task of remote recording even easier: These brilliant pieces of hardware have "virtual inputs" that can be used to record incoming streams.

Free for all premium voice over talents of bodalgo

The best is yet to come: Voice talents that upgrade their membership to premium may use bodalgocall completely free of charge with no restrictions whatsoever and up to 255 kbps bit rate – for crystal clear sound.

Audio producers and clients can upgrade their accounts for €12 per month, €60 per half year or €100 per year (excluding VAT) to be able to use bodalgocall.

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