I grew up in the UK, between London and Manchester and English is one of my mother tongues, I was educated to MA level in England.

I work in English at the BBC, as a journalist, and have translated news reports, academic essays and political features.

I regularly translate research documents and film festival programmes and synopses.
I have specialised in fields such as the environment, energy, automotive and cinema.

I have experience as a literary translator and as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. (Arabic/ French into English)


BA in History (UCL) / MA in Cultural Studies (Goldsmiths)
French and literary translation (UCL, BA unit)


I have translated news reports, academic essays and political features for the BBC, Radio France, the European Commission.

I regularly translate research documents for the French Ministry of the Environment into English, festival programmes for film festivals such as the BFI FF and Cannes.

I have translated marketing and comms material for Nivea and Dunlop.

I have translated manuals for CCD Laboratoires (pharma / gynaecology)

I have translated two plays into English (from French) - David Lescot's J'ai Trop Peur and Master.

I also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (French into English) and do so regularly for:
BFI London Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, McLaren automotive, the BBC, Secours Catholique.


I have a strong academic and journalistic background, graduating with a distinction from my Masters' Degree, so am confident with academic language, and media English, and have extensive knowledge of political, historical and economic issues.

I developed specialisations in specific fields thanks to my work with a number of clients - As a film programmer and journalist, I have extensive knowledge of cinematic vocabulary. As a product specialist for McLaren, I am familiar with automotive. Through my work for the Ministry of the Environment, I have specialised in issues around energy and climate change.

As I have studied and trained in classical theatre, I am also confident in literary translation specifically for drama and theatre and have some experience in that field.