William Reese

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"A rich, warm and trustworthy delivery."
William Reese

My long years of experience have exposed me to work with radio production of all types, as well as video voice-over work. I've recently begun working in the field of audio books, and have just completed my first, licensed through Syracuse University Press. My voice has a rich, smooth and resonant delivery, and many have described it as being one that sounds friendly and trustable.


Since high school, I have been involved in commercial radio. I spent 25 years as a full-time announcer, usually on the morning drive slot. I've worked at adult-contemporary, country, and oldies stations. I began on a full-service AM station. Throughout, my job duties included tremendous amounts of commercial production.


I spent the majority of my professional career as an announcer for Hall Communications, which owns and operates radio stations up and down the east coast of the United States. I've freelanced for several video production companies, currently doing most of my voice-over work for Digital Video and Consulting based near Boston, Massachusetts. I recently completed the narration and production work for Alien Worlds, an audio book licensed through Syracuse University Press.


I have been editing audio since the days of audio tape, razor blades and splicing tape. I latched onto the field of digital editing as soon as it became available, using Cool Edit Pro from its earliest release, now owned by Adobe and renamed Audition. I still enjoy laying down basic tracks and manipulating them to sound their best. I assure you that my finished products are high-end, professional productions.