Wes Lacy

Wes Lacy

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren •
"Actor / Storyteller"

There’s nothing quite like a good story, and I’ve committed myself to bringing those stories to life through voice over. Whether it’s narrating fantastic adventures, putting myself directly in a characters’ shoes in a video game, or bringing someone’s brand to life in an advertisement, telling stories real or imagined.


What started as a passion for impersonating characters from my favorite TV shows and video game characters as a child, slowly turned into a desire to work as a professional VO artist. I spent many an afternoon on the campus of Morehead State University learning to be a performer. Music, stage, and choir. It all appealed, and I wanted to immerse myself as much as possible by surrounding myself with like-minded, talented individuals that were kind enough to share their experience with me. I’ve also had the honor of studying under world-class voice actor Crispin Freeman in workshops and private coaching.


On top of freelance odd-jobs on casting boards around the web and passion projects involving creatives from all over the world, I voiced for multiple publications during my time Spokenlayer. A short list of my work:

American Institute of Economic Research
The Daily Herald
The Sacramento Bee
The Chicago Tribune

I also lend my voice in audio dramas produced by Storymore.


I am also a vocalist, and I’m proficient in mixing and layering audio tracks for VO, audio imaging, and music.