Vance Elderkin

Vance Elderkin

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"Vance Elderkin. Warm--with an edge."

Vance Elderkin offers a baritone voice with a textured, mature sound. A voice that puts you at ease. Or makes you laugh. Or makes you trust. Or...does what you need it to do.

Need a more authoritative, straight-ahead voice? Vance Elderkin can draw on his years of experience as a university classroom instructor to make your listeners sit up and take notice.

Your material can be efficiently recorded and edited in Vance Elderkin's home studio and delivered in the format of your choice. Delivery can be by email, by FTP (uploaded to your site or downloaded from Vance Elderkin's site), or by CD sent overnight via Federal Express.


Voice workshops with Susan Berkeley, Diana Boylston, Pat Fraley and Hillary Huber.

Private voice study with Nancy Wolfson.