Traci Arlene

Traci Arlene

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"Friendly, relatable, and downright fun!"

I have a unique, youthful sound. Not to mention an uncanny ability to connect with an audience!
My vocal range runs the gamut from child to young adult. I can even do boy voices...whoa!
I'll get you excited. 'Nuff said.
Looking for flirty, playful, or seductive? Yep, I can do that too. Real good.
As an added bonus, I'm easy to work with and take direction very well.


Larry Hudson, Commercial coaching and weekly group workouts
Joan Baker, Commercial coaching
Mary Lynn Wisnner, Commercial coaching
Chuck Duran, 1 on 1 coaching
The Voiceover Connection, Levels 1, 2, 3 animation workshop(s)
Improv with Wayne Brady
Various Improv workshops
That's Voiceover!, career expo
Bachelor's of Art, emphasis in Animation: CalState University, Northridge


I expect this list to blow up very soon....


I can add in musical tracks and special effects, when necessary.