Tony White

Tony White

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Institutional, warm, dynamic, flexible to any product"

BBC and English/American training and experience, have honed a warm and pleasing voice into a multi-tool asset for voice-over products.


BBC World Service, Home Service, 1976-84. Producer/Announcer/Writer for Promos and Programs.


BBC Announcer for Radio and TV channels. (BBC courses in Announcing, and Voice-Acting)
USA 84-88 Various Radio Stations Program presentation.
ITALY: Speaker and Announcer for RAI, VATICAN RADIO, MEDIASET, and countless promos, ads, docs, audio-books, and sports (Soccer) programs. 89-present.


I can change my voice to suit the tone, accent, and the image of the product in question. I love dubbing for this reason. It gives me joy of comprehending and being the voice that fits the face. As a Jazz musician and singer, this precision of improvisation is very stimulating and pleasing.