Tom Turner

Tom Turner

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"Superbly versatile - warm, real, funny, BIG or bloke-next-door"

Natural, friendly (with a nice, trustworthy Yorkshire lilt) - a voice with a really approachable tone. Great for everything from corporate VOs, to "real"/bloke next door read, fun voices or just a good old-fashioned full-on announcer read.

A really versatile voice, lovely unique style and great comedy timing. The perfect voice to bring any audio project to life. Just as comfortable being all soft and cuddly close to mic, as screaming like an complete madman in some weird accent (and everything in between).


Working as a professional voiceover for several years.


Worked with a wide range of national and regional companies - from Heinz to Howdens... and many, many more.

Work with all the UK national radio groups, independent TV and radio production companies, and provide corporate VOs for a number of companies.


Great at coming up with unique character voices for projects or commercials. From serious characters to silly, zany cartoon voices.