Tom Michelsen

Tom Michelsen

Mitglied seit 6 Jahren
"Fun, youthful, powerful, and warm."

Tom Michelsen's voice is a PERSONAL combination of fun, STRENGTH, youthfulness, and COMPASSION. His sound is NATURALLY HONEST, REAL, AND POWERFUL, with layers of warmth. Coupled with his strong improv background, his mastery over his voice offers him the ability to create a wide range of UNIQUE voice styles, sound effects, and performances. Tom's voice is perfectly suited for commercials, animation, narrations, and more.


After graduation with a minor in theatre from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Tom moved to California where he trained in the Bay Area with the prestigious Berkeley Repetiore School of Theater.
There he studied multiple fields of acting and reached the highest levels of on screen acting, performance level Improv, and professional voice over courses.

He now lives in LA, working as a professional actor.


After a lifetime of training, I've moved to Los Angeles to become a voice actor.


I own my own home studio and can record from home.