Todd Starr

Todd Starr

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Quirky, unique, guy next door/goofy dad/informed best friend"

Todd's voice is a substantial mix of resonant peaks and valleys. He can hit the highs of a wide eyed adventurer helping children along their journey of education, or convey a soft and familiar ease of conversation between good friends. Todd is also able to provide an array of character voices, rich in cartoonish bravado and humanity.


Todd began his VO training in Chicago, IL at The Acting Studio. Taking a bevy of acting classes, as well the entirety of the VO program. He has studied and worked with successful VO talents in Chicago and LA, notably Deb Doetzer (Chicago) and Bob Bergan (LA)

Todd has also been through classes at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, completeing Improv for Actors A-E and the Writing program.


Todd has been a working VO and on camera actor for the last 5 years. He is currently represented by Lori Lins of Milwaukee, WI. He has in the past been represented by Stewart Talent in Chicago, and American Models and Actors in Los Angeles.

Todd has been consistently booking VO gigs since his start in the industry .


Todd is proficient in imitation, improvisation, and musical vocalization.