Todd Sheaman

Todd Sheaman

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"Creative. Realistic. Energetic."

I've worked in and taught Emergency Medical Services industry since the early 90s. As a result my voice has been described as trustworthy, commanding, in control, and assertive. I'm also a woodworker by hobby and second occupation, and have been described as a "guys guy" who can have a conversation with a multitude of personalities. My voice tempo can vary largely from cool, calm and collected to rapid, loud, and unwavering. I can voice a variety of tones and personalities, and can present a fun, "cartoonish" voice as well.

Professional career: Emergency Medical Services (EMS), EMS education, and carpentry, specializing in wood lathe art and production. I'm also a new voice over artist making every attempt to develop and establish a professional portfolio.

Hobbies: Aviation, woodworking, archery, WWII history, trains, agriculture


My formal training was conducted through Such A Voice. Allison Moffett was my coach and Wendy Shapero recruited me. I've also actively taught in the EMT/paramedic classroom since 1993.


Although I'm new to the voice over industry I feel compelled to mention that I've spoken in front of classrooms and large groups of people for 25+ years.


I can assist with writing script, communications, I've been complimented on my writing style, and I have my own home sound studio.