Tay Zonday

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"Smart, Warm, Friendly, Textured, Deep, Authoritative, Relatable"
Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday is a People’s Choice Award-Nominated, Youtube Award-Winning, Webby Award-Winning singer-songwriter, voice talent, brand spokesperson, actor, commentator, host and digital industry veteran seen in more than a billion Youtube views.


Bachelor of Arts - Communications - The Evergreen State College.
Master of American Studies - Performance Studies Emphasis - The University of Minnesota
Improv Comedy Program - Improve Olympic West
Private Singing Instruction - Dot Todman
Private Voice Acting Instruction - Joe Ochman


Tay Zonday's voice has been hired to promote DrPepper, Intel, Intuit, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Firefox, Geico, Vizio, Hasbro, Hostess, Virgin America, NASA, Toyota, Discovery and Major League Baseball, where his voice has also promoted Dairy Queen, Bacardi, the Marine Corps, Axe, Chevrolet, Ace Hardware, Lee Jeans, Gilette, 5 Hour Energy and other brands.


Singing. See Singing Reel.